Natasha Farrar September 12, 2015

Profile PicIllustration is something I have intended to pursue as a career since I was a child. However, I really enjoy scenic detours, and thus ended up spending far too long at university and graduated from UNSW with a B.Music (hons)/B.Education. From there, I decided to become an illustrating chocolate queen, and manage a delicious chocolate shop when not painting. After undertaking a course in Picture Book Illustration by Donna Rawlins and Wayne Harris, I illustrated my first two picture books, Flossie the Fairy (written by Nancy Watson, Little Steps Publishing), and Flossie’s sequel, Flossie Catches the Christmas Star.

I sell many things with my prints on them on Etsy and Red Bubble. You are also welcome to contact me with a commission, or just to say hello 🙂