Natasha Farrar September 12, 2015

Profile PicHello! I am a freelance illustrator based in Sydney’s northern suburbs. I live with my wonderful fiance and our beautiful baby girl. Fiance draws as well, so we’re just waiting for the day when bub can have drawing days with us!

Illustration and piano are two things I have dedicated a huge amount of time towards. I always wanted to be an illustrator, however, I really enjoy scenic detours and thus ended up spending far too long at university. I graduated from UNSW with a B.Music (hons)/B.Education with the intention of becoming a music teacher. Instead, I managed a chocolate shop and took up illustration on the side!

After undertaking a course in Picture Book Illustration by Donna Rawlins and Wayne Harris, I illustrated my first two picture books, Flossie the Fairy, and Flossie’s sequel, Flossie Catches the Christmas Star (both written by Nancy Watson, Little Steps Publishing, 2016). Due to having my baby last year, I had to put everything on hold. I’m now getting back into freelance illustration and commissions. It’s wonderful!

I sell many things with my prints on them on Etsy and Red Bubble. You are also welcome to contact me with a commission, or just to say hello 🙂